Private/Customized Lessons

Just as one size does not fit all, no group based curriculum can be a perfect match for the needs, aspirations, strengths and weaknesses of one language learner. We offer high quality private lessons at affordable prices with qualified and highly experienced instructors (minimum of 5 years teaching background) either on campus or via skype.

The schedule and curriculum is designed by faculty in full consultation with you to ensure a high degree of customization. Textbooks, materials and study resources are also decided in consultation with you.

All classrooms include air-conditioning and wireless access. Laptops and other resources are on-site. All lessons are 50 minutes duration and the minimum purchase number of classes is just 5. There are discounts available for full-time enrollment (15 lessons/week), off-peak enrollment (non-summer months) or early payment (3 months or more in advance).

Prior to your arrival, or if you are already on-campus in a different program, it is important that you provide as much detail as possible regarding your needs. In addition to our questionnaire, an extended interview is conducted on commencement. It is often advisable to include some testing to accelerate the faculty’s understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. From this information, the faculty design a curriculum with you – our faculty have the capability and experience to design a course to suit ANY level of proficiency, from absolute beginner to advanced students of the language who have already passed Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It is also possible to design curriculum to target specialized fields, for example…

  • Japanese for business purposes
  • Preparation for the JETRO Business Japanese Test
  • Technical Japanese for use in science and engineering fields
  • Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality


Price Stucture

There is a small registration fee of 5250 yen. This fee is waived if you are currently enrolled in one of our other programs, or have studied with us before. All fees below are denominated in Japanese Yen, with the figure indicating price per lesson. Credit cards may be used to purchase lessons, with a 2.75% surcharge.

Shift 1 08:30-16:00 Shift 2 16:00-21:00
# of Classes Off-Peak Peak Off-Peak Peak
Full time Private 15-30 classes 3700 3800 3800 3900
(15+ classes week) 31-60 classes 3500 3600 3600 3700
60-100 classes 3300 3400 3400 3500
101 or more 3100 3200 3200 3300
Part time Private 5-20 classes 3700 3900 3900 4000
(flexible schedule) 21-50 classes 3600 3800 3800 3900
51-100 3500 3700 3700 3800
101 or more 3400 3600 3600 3700


Please contact us for a free quotation, or just apply online using Course Code TKOPVT. We will try to issue confirmations and invoices within 36-48 hours.