To study Japanese successfully, you need safe, suitable, uncrowded accommodation, with as short a commute as possible. Our programs are not residential, you may choose to live wherever you prefer, but we are able to provide accommodation services on request. All homestays, private apartments and share accommodations, are located within either walking distance or a short commute to the school.

We strongly recommend homestays, but understand that depending on your age, whether you need to work part-time or online during your studies, or are accompanied by a partner or family, that private accommodations may be preferred. When this is the case, we do recommend combining private accommodations with homevisits. A homevisit (either 1 day, or 1 night/2 days) helps you to deepen your understanding of the culture, and facilitates language learning.

Depending on the length of your program, some of these options will include the gas, water, power, internet and resident’s association fees. Please read through each option prior to making any program application. if you have any questions regarding accommodation, please feel free to contact us.